The university of Linz is called Johannes Kepler University Linz, JKU Linz, or just JKU, and offers bachelor's, diploma, master's, and doctoral degrees in business, engineering, law, science, and the social sciences.

The Kepler University Linz was founded as the "College for Social and Economic Sciences Linz" in 1966. Three years later, the science and engineering school opened. The law school and university status arrived in 1975 when the college also adopted its present name, in honour of the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) who wrote his magnum opus harmonices mundi ("The Harmony of the world") in Linz during the early 17th century.

The university is home of the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Specialties include technical mathematics, applied economics, business law, European law, and mechatronics.

There are also three other universities in Linz, a public one for arts and industrial design (University of Arts Linz) and two private ones, one for music (Bruckner University) and one for Catholic theology (Catholic-Theological Private University Linz), a Papal faculty since 1978.

The University of Arts in Linz is located next to the Danube river and very close to the city centre.